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The long awaited time has come and all the entries for this year’s Battle of the Beadsmith have been posted.  There are four groups A, B, C and D, each having 32 battles consisting of two Beadwork Artist.The beadwork is truly amazing, and I don’t believe you could see this much incredible beadwork at one time, anywhere in the world.

Don’t miss out and join us at BOTB’14.  If you can’t find the page, please visit my facebook and let me know by posting to my wall and I’ll add you to the group.

My entry for this years battle is in Group A and was posted today.  I thought you liked to see the photos and the design process for my battle entry “June’s Pearls”.
See the photos below to watch the changes and I’ll share the story with you from my Diary entries in the previous post.
Here we go……
All things are ready on April 1st, artwork done, colors chosen, beads ordered and received.  Having beads in hand, needles in order.  I know how to prepare for battle. After all, I am a veteran BOTB soldier in my third year running.

I begin…..

It’s mid-April, things are well on the way to getting finishing touches.  Up to this point (below) I was following my original design drawing.  But I found that the design wasn’t going to work together the way I had planned.

It’s early May; there are several different components to this year’s entry, so I had them well on the way to completion when I hit my first artist block!  I didn’t like the way it was going, so I stopped and turned away to other things for a while.

Once I was at this point in the necklace (below), I had to make another change because it didn’t lay out the way I wanted it too.  So I stopped.


Mid-May, made another change to the piece, but still not happy with the design.  It’s not flowing right, something is missing.

This is where changes started taking place.

Family crisis has taken me by surprise and no beading has been done.

Once I did begin to bead again, I’d add a little bit here and little bit there, but the reason I was unhappy with the design

I didn’t like having to add the collar, notice that I beaded the entire collar and then put it away.  I didn’t like it.  If I had to add a collar I wanted to it be solid metallic gold, but ran out of what I had.  Finally found some on ebay and used it for the collar.

Its three weeks before the battle entry is due and I still haven’t finished.  I’ve changed the design more than three times.  Still not the way I want it to look.

Times is running out my battle piece is still not finished.  The piece is still on a bust and I just can’t seem to find the energy needed to go forward on the design.  For me beading is all about the flow of a piece, the beadwork tells me where it wants to go and this beadwork piece is NOT talking to me.  I keep looking at it, thinking of ways to change it again.
Changed the collar to a solid metallic gold leather.  Then it sit on this bust for some time before I started again.
Finally, last day of May the beadwork started to reach out and tell me what it needed.  Which is a really good thing, because I was almost ready to email Steven and step out of the battle this year.  But…I just cannot do that!  I still have the time to complete the piece.  I can see it now.  Close to completion now, I hope to be finished beading within the next couple of days.


Again, once I was at this point in the design, I still didn’t like it.  So…finally I took it apart and put it back together as you’ll see below and I finished the design by listening to beadwork and it seems the beadwork was right.

As I said in the last paragraph of my previous post:

I cannot remember a time that I have struggled so much in getting a piece completed.  My beadwork entry for the previous battles seems to come together effortlessly, but not this year. What began as a much different design on paper has become a totally different design created with passion and worthy to be entered into this year’s Battle of the Beadsmith.

The finished pieces named “June’s Pearls” after a facebook friend.  She was someone, who took a moment in her busy life to stop and send me an email last year and that email was so kind and thoughtful, you don’t get that much anymore these days.  So you can say that email inspired this beautiful creation, made with passion and made with purpose.


June’s Gold

Hope you enjoyed the post.  Please feel free to leave your comments.

As always,

Happy Beading

PS this post is also posted on my website terrifayejewelry.com

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